The best new health product of Europe in 2017

Now available as a gel!

Extra strong magnesium that feels silky on your skin.


Safe Choice!

Nordic Health Sprays products have been awarded by Suomen Terveysjärjestö ry with Safe Choice award.

No added ingredients, natural product

Natural product. No added ingredients. Spray directly onto the skin where your ailment is!


Vitamin B12 reduces tiredness and is absorbed effectively.


Strong and easily absorbed vitamin D sprays.


Multivitamin and mineral spray, suitable for the entire family.

Vitamin D sprays

Vitamin D is good for the immune system, bones and teeth. Vitamin D spray is absorbed directly through oral mucosa. The product tastes good as it has been sweetened by xylitol. The spray is easy to use; one spray a day is enough. The product does not contain any artificial ingredients and is suitable for vegetarians.


Energy for your day

The busy lifestyle of the modern day also burdens our body. Vitamin B12 reduces tiredness and enhances normal nerve and brain functions. Chromium helps the body to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Vitamin B12 spray is sweetened by xylitol and is absorbed efficiently through oral mucosa. The product does not contain any artificial ingredients.


Magnesium sprays

Nordic Health magnesium sprays, completely natural and containing no artificial ingredients, have received awards both in Finland and overseas.

I tried to raise my daughter’s vitamin D levels unsuccessfully for 3 years until I came across DLux3000 vitamin D3 spray, which managed to raise the levels up to 109 nmol/l after just one bottle taken as one dose every day.
Sinikka Kauppi
I used to suffer from cramps even though I took magnesium products internally. As soon as I started using the Nordic Health magnesium sprays, the cramps were gone. I would recommend them to anyone who does sport.
Anni Vuohijoki
When I started taking the B12 spray, it was like someone had switched the lights on in my brain. I warmly recommend it!
Erkki Palviainen

Pure and natural

Externally used magnesium spray has become very popular worldwide. Health product professionals chose the product series as the best sports product of the year in 2012. In England, athletes and marathon runners chose Nordic Health magnesium spray as the best product to help in recovery in 2012.
An increasing number of Finns are finding help through magnesium sprays, already used in five hospitals in England. The products are equally suitable for athletes and small children.

Nordic Health Spray Ltd is a health spray sales organisation operating in the Nordic Countries. Nordic Health products are proven to be of high quality, and they represent the latest development in the industry.